Bootswatch Theme Preview Google Chrome Extension

Bootswatch offers many beautiful free themes for bootstrap. Recently I created a Google Chrome Extension that makes it easy to preview any existing bootstrap sites in one of these Bootswatch themes. Install Extension From Chrome Web Store Download Source From GitHub How To Use Install the extension from Chrome Web Store. Once the extension is … Continue reading Bootswatch Theme Preview Google Chrome Extension

REINSTALLMODE vs ReinstallModeText

REINSTALLMODE This is a MSI Property. On MSDN: The REINSTALLMODE property is a string that contains letters specifying the type of reinstall to perform. Options are case-insensitive and order-independent. This property should normally always be used in conjunction with the REINSTALL property. However, this property can also be used during installation, not just reinstall. By … Continue reading REINSTALLMODE vs ReinstallModeText

Troubleshooting IIS Process Crash

Recently I was asked to help on troubleshooting occasional crashes of the IIS w3wp.exe process on a production site. Other than having the same windows application events generated at the time of the crash, the crashes do not have any obvious pattern and do not appear to be related to the traffic level. After performing … Continue reading Troubleshooting IIS Process Crash

Display Activity Indicator with Overlay

It's a common task to provide visual cue to the user when a task is in progress. Apple UIKit has the UIActivityIndicatorView UI component for this purpose. The component appears as a "gear" that is either spinning or stopped  .  In this post, we will extend it: Show a transparent overlay over the whole screen or part … Continue reading Display Activity Indicator with Overlay

Hidden Attribute causes UnauthorizedAccessException in File.Copy

If you are getting "System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access to the path 'destFileName' is denied" when you call File.Copy to copy and overwrite a file, the two more obvious possible causes are documented on MSDN: Exception Condition UnauthorizedAccessException The caller does not have the required permission. -or- destFileName is read-only. I ran into a third possible cause last week. If the … Continue reading Hidden Attribute causes UnauthorizedAccessException in File.Copy