Running ASPNET 5 and .NET Core on Linux

I have been hearing quite a bit about the new ASPNET 5 (vNext) and .NET Core for a while now. However, the frequent breaking changes between beta versions was too much for me to want to try it out. With ASPNET 5 and .NET Core in release candidate and a 1.0 release in sight, I thought it's … Continue reading Running ASPNET 5 and .NET Core on Linux

Display Activity Indicator with Overlay

It's a common task to provide visual cue to the user when a task is in progress. Apple UIKit has the UIActivityIndicatorView UI component for this purpose. The component appears as a "gear" that is either spinning or stopped  .  In this post, we will extend it: Show a transparent overlay over the whole screen or part … Continue reading Display Activity Indicator with Overlay